January 7, 2016

Our Stories



(Maranata’s mentor)

Mavis 1

You will often hear stories of how a mentor changed the life of their mentee. My story is different in that I was the one who was blessed. God implanted in my heart a love that was from the Father’s very own heart. In nurturing Maranata, God taught me so much about myself and His kind of love. A love that wants the best for His children, a love that sees beyond one’s faults, a love that sees the pain behind bad behaviour, a love that sees the hurt behind the rage, a love that sees the potential you can’t see in yourself, a love that has confidence and faith in you, a love that seeks you out when you are lost, a love that weeps when you are hurting, a love that brings you light when all you see is darkness, a love that brings hope when there is none to be had, a love that brings you purpose when you thought you had it all figured out, a love that pleads and intercedes on your behalf, a love that forgives anything and everything, a love that is sincere and compassionate, a love that delights in seeing you fulfil your potential, a love that creates opportunities for you to find your way back to Him, a love that brings you that one special person to speak life into you on His behalf, a love that would die so that you may live. That is what I was blessed to learn! Mentoring requires some commitment, but you have no idea how God plans to use and grow you.



(One of Mele’s mentors)